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Austin Resonant Relationships

If you are reading this, you are feeling called to something more. You want authentic and joyful connections with yourself and others, to stop feeling isolated, even when you're with those you love. Maybe you have lived your life focused on fulfilling others' expectations, only to find it wasn't the answer to your happiness. You have done so much in life, and now you are ready to take your relationship with yourself and your most intimate partners to a deeper level, clear away stale patterns that no longer serve you, and learn how to create and live your own unique, brave, and beautiful life. Take the step, you can do this.

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"Transformation is not just about putting the pieces of one's broken life back together, it's about a total reinvention of self in which our shattered pieces are alchemized into a beautiful, thriving masterpiece."

JuliAnn Gessler

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About Me

Presence, Empathy, and Commitment

I decided I wanted to be a therapist when I was 15 years old and my counselor was the first person who I felt like had ever truly seen me and cared about what I was feeling and what I had to say. Like many, I found many reasons why I felt I did not deserve this dream, but eventually, with the support of many (including my current therapist), I made the journey to do the work I have felt most called to in my life. I am honored and proud to share my client's journeys towards finding and fulfilling what they are called to do in the world, and I bring life experience, love, and a hearty dose of earthy humor to the work we do. 
I am sex-positive, LGBTQIA+, kink and poly/ENM friendly, and personally identify with and work from a therapeutic lens that is strengths-based and somatically focused.
My greatest joy is being able to help people deeply connect with themselves and the important people in their lives and feel seen, held, and loved for the unique beings they are.

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Services Offered

Let's find an approach that works for you.

Individual Counseling

Step Into Your Direction

I provide individual therapy for adults. Sessions are conducted via teletherapy for those seeking services within the state of Texas.

Contact me at to schedule a brief phone consultation. 

Group Counseling

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Your Life Is Not A Side Quest

Stay tuned to this space and leave your contact information below if you are interested in learning more about joining a therapeutic RPG group focused on slaying your dragons of trauma, anxiety and grief.

Relationship Counseling

Rainforest Suspension Bridge

Cultivate a Deeper Connection to Loved Ones

It is our nature to seek safe, meaningful, and fulfilling connection with others. Whether in our family of origin or the ones we make as we got through life, when we experience a disruption in connection it often leads to profound distress. There is hope. I utilize an attachment-based approach to help any who are seeking ways to create and strengthen sustainable and loving bonds within traditional or non-traditional relationship structures.

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Make an Appointment

You've read this far. Trust yourself and take the leap. I look forward to hearing from you.

(210) 319-5113

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